Human Rights

While inalienable human rights are enshrined in our Constitution, entities within our nation try to find way to subvert or prevent groups from receiving these rights. What are we going to do to ensure Texas has protections to ensure these rights?


Empower Identities: Safeguarding LGBTQIA+ Rights, Advocating for Gender-Affirming Care.

multicolored striped curtain
multicolored striped curtain

While Sexual Identity and Sexual Orientation are nothing new in Texas, individuals within the LGBTQIA community commonly experience discrimination on a personal and statewide level. Within the past four years, the Texas State Senate has helped pass several bills attacking LGBTQIA communities, including Senate Bill 14 and Senate Bill 15, which both sought to limit the activities of LGBTQIA youth and the medical services that they are allowed for necessary Gender Affirming care. As Senator, I promise to never support this type of Legislation in the Texas, Senate, especially not in the case of banning teacher guidance in the case of school programming about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Schools are a place for children to learn, about the world and about themselves.

If children have serious questions about their Sexual Identity or Romantic Orientation, we must help to guide them on their path, the same way we would guide them on the path to school, with love, support and a guarantee to answer all their questions. Additionally, teaching children the about LGBTQIA will allow students to develop an early understanding of the differences they may have from others, allowing them to be more open, inclusive and supportive of each other. It's my duty as Senator, and as a veteran teacher to ensure that children in school feel included for who they are, and accepting of others, making sure to put the ALL in Y'ALL.

If anyone viewing this page is in need of mental health support for LGBTQ youth, call the Trevor Project’s 24/7 toll-free support line at 866-488-7386.

For individuals requiring trans peer support, call the Trans Lifeline at 877-565-8860.

You can also reach a trained crisis counselor through the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline by calling or texting 988.

Empowering Women's Rights

Choice is the ultimate form of power in the U.S. The choice of who we vote for, choice in our religion, choice in hobbies, including our choice on whether we wish to bring life into this world or not.

The recent reversal of Roe v. Wade marks a significant setback for women's rights, but the struggle is far from over. Now, the fight for reproductive freedom is unfolding at the doorstep of Texas. With Roe v. Wade overturned, state legislatures wield unprecedented power in shaping the future of reproductive rights. This pivotal moment places the responsibility squarely on our state senate to uphold and defend a woman's autonomy over her own body regarding pregnancy. The decisions made by our state senators will determine whether we advance or retreat in the ongoing battle for women's rights, setting the course for generations to come.

Supporting the Merrie Fox Campaign is a commitment to safeguarding women's autonomy over their bodies. Our pledge extends beyond mere opposition to regressive legislation; we will actively pursue measures, including potential constitutional amendments, to fortify and protect women's right to make choices concerning their own medical needs. Your vote for our campaign is a vote for unwavering support of women's autonomy and empowerment.

a protester holding a sign that reads protect women's rights
a protester holding a sign that reads protect women's rights

Choice is Power: Women's Healthcare in Women's Hands.